Hello Hausas, Yorubas, Igbos and others

Hello Hausas, Yorubas and Igbos.

Hate is a wasted emotion. Please consider being nicer to each other.

Should it really matter if we have different cultures, religions, jobs, political parties or whatever divides us?

Consider smiling instead of frowning.

Try making others laugh instead of attack each other on social media.

Instead of insulting others give them a chance before judging them.

Love makes the world a better place, not a bitter place. Anger, violence, insults and hate worsen our problems.

Our “frenemies” are our politicians.

Of course once they get into office, they loot us dry. Consult Dogara and Jibrin.

Are we expecting our politicians to just rollover and lift their skirt so we can see their nakedness?

Common Nigerians! Are we so brainwashed by their idealism?

Here is what they do: Once they get into power, they create a diversion or disaster to keep our attention busy while they dismantle and steal all that is left of our common patrimony.

If caught, they blame it on the opposition party or at most return some loot.

Can this bile and hatred stop?

There are many tribes in Nigeria, but you three will not let go of each and look at others.

Do good deeds when possible. Small acts of kindness goes a long way.

Please be part of the Nigerian solution instead of part of the problem.

Pay it forward. Be constructive not destructive. We all want to be happier, right?

Not saying to turn the other cheek, call the police if law is being broken but at least give others choice to be friends or enemies.

President Buhari’s supporters aim to project everything that’s wrong with Goodluck Jonathan.

Goodluck Jonathan’s supporters blame our woes on Buhari.

What have our actions done other than divide it?

We don’t care if you are leaning left or right, PDP or APC, Muslim or Christian, Buhari or Goodluck, Aisha or Patience.

One thing is common to all of us on either side of the divide: you have to admit the nation is in problem and we need not fan the embers.