How Babachir Lawal stole millions for PMB & APC?

We will go straight to the point.

The secretary to the Federal Government is part and parcel of the Presidency.

In other words, the president knows what happens in that office.

If we decide to exonerate President Buhari in the ongoing grass cutting scandal, then we’re faced with two dilemmas.

The first is this: The president is unaware of what happens in the Presidency.

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This then means the president is just a figurehead or a mannequin, occupying an office.

It also means that Aisha Buhari’s claim that her husband has been kidnapped is sacrosanct.

If we debunk this claim and assert that the President is on top of his game, then this brings us to the second option.

It means President Buhari is aware of what happens in his office.

If this assertion is true, then we will safely conclude that the President was aware of the fraudulence within the presidency.

The fraudulence we’re talking about here is the Babachir Lawal’s open thievery of funds allocated for internally displaced persons in North East.

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We would want you to stop here, scroll back up, and take a look at the picture on this post.

These were the people Babachir Lawal and the Presidency stole from.

Either way, President Buhari is fried!

We will heretofore drill down to the nitty-gritty to wit:

Josmon Technologies was awarded a contract by the Presidential Initiative on North East (PINE).

Josmon paid large cache of monies into the bank account of Rholavision.

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Rholavision is linked to the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF), Mr. Babachir David Lawal.

The Senate had last week asked Lawal to resign immediately to face prosecution for alleged abuse of office.

Babachir Lawal did not only steal from IDP’s, he also inflated contract sums.

Documents obtained by this news house showed that PINE awarded a contract for the removal of invasive plant species.

The location was along river channels and 115 hectares of simplified irrigation operation in Yobe State.

The contract was awarded to Josmon Technologies at the cost of N272,524,356.02 million on March 8, 2016.

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After Josmon was paid, it began making payments into Rholavision’s account number 0182001809 in Eco Bank.

Josmon Technologies paid N50 million into Rholavision’s account in five installments of N10 million.

The payment continued the following day, March 30 when it paid another N50 million in five installments of N10 million each.

On March 31, it paid N20 million in two installments of N10 million each.

Josmon Technologies returned to the bank on April 1, 2016, when it paid another N50 million in five installments of N10 million.

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The payment continued on April 4 when it paid N25 million in three installments of N10 million each twice and another N5 million.

On September 8, 2016, it paid N10 million and on September 9, it paid another N10 million.

Josmon returned and paid another N55 million, the same day, into Rholavision’s account.

The secretary to the Federal Government, Babachir Lawal, owns Rholavision and President Buhari is aware of this.