How Goodluck Jonathan’s family hijacked our land — Army

The Nigerian Army reacted to the allegation making the rounds that it forcefully took over a piece of land belonging to one of GEJ’s family members.

The land was “allocated” to Jonathan’s cousin, Azibaola Robert, who owns Kakarta Civil Engineering Limited.

The company provides engineering infrastructure for the Maitama Extension District in Abuja and uses the disputed portion of land as a construction site.

The land is located between the Guards Brigade cemetery and the Lungi barracks.

The Nigerian has said she did not take the land.

But the army reacting to the allegation that it forcefully took the land said there was no iota of truth in the story.

An Army source disclosed that the land measuring 245.2 Hectares, was allocated to the Nigerian army on March.15, 1991.

“Our land starts from the cemetery to where you have the brigade headquarters.

“And they all have Certificate of Occupancy, given in the name of the Nigerian army and guard’s brigade.

“They are divided into 4 plots, 1, 2 and 3. And those papers are still with us.

“Nobody has communicated to the army that that land has been given to anybody.

“We have all the documents of the land in our possession as I speak to you. That is the truth.

“So the issue of intimidating the owner of the construction company should not come up at all,” the source said.

Reacting to the land take over, the acting director army Public relations Sani Usman, said “Some people connived and coveted lands belonging to the Nigerian Military.

“And this is not the only one. People have encroached our land in Giri (Abuja), Basawa (Zaria) and Lokoja.

“Because people were in power, they just connived without recourse to Abuja masterplan.

“Activities on this land is also dangerous because of stone blasting that is going on there.

“Whoever is encroaching on army land be rest assured we are determined to recover our land”. Usman said.