How Nigerians can force Buhari to listen – Part 2

Here is how our constitution prescribes Nigeria be run: the National Assembly writes a law, the presidency signs it and the court reviews it.

If any of these trio is set off balance, the entire system wobbles. This is why we need to ensure that the question of restructuring remains a thorny issue on Aso Villa’s agenda.

The decision to restructure the nation should burn hard on social media, National Assembly, beer parlors, bedrooms, mosques and churches.

If it manages to remain this way for a long time, then a handful of powerful social critics will jump in.

Remember fuel subsidy and these people: Tunde Bakare, Oby Ezekwesili, Chukwuma Soludo, Emir Sanusi, Olisa Agbakoba, Femi Fani Kayode and ETC.

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At this stage, the media will focus on speeches of high profile politicians and twist some.

Demonstrations, letter writing, social media campaigns, organized labor and all jump into the fray.

At this stage, one of two things is bound to happen: Buhari would either bow to pressure or ignore it.

He is currently under pressure to salvage the economy and he is already rethinking his previous hardline stance.

He is now begging Nigerians to give him time. He has switched sides, asking us to begin the change. All these are pointers to the heat.

He’s buckling and we should not turn off the heat till proper decisions are doled out of Aso Villa.

Even if Buhari accepts to convoke a conference and decide on how the question of restructuring will be answered, experts will still have to decide the modus operandi of the entire process.

The entire process is bound by arcane and bureaucratic rules.

How does one enter this world? How do you choose who’d represent you after all demonstrations? Are you sure your agenda will be negotiated to your advantage?

Forget NLC! Gone are the days they represent the masses. They only fight for their feeding bottles.

Forget the national Assembly. Their primary constituency is the take home largess they get from our common patrimony.

The real people that should negotiate a better Nigeria are not in politics. They are on the streets. It’s you and I. We must never keep quiet.

We must keep talking till this administration fulfill all they’ve promised us or at least half of it (since petrol now sells for half it’s price).