How Nigerians can force Buhari to listen — Part 3

Think of the Nigerian political space as a great hive of buzzing argument. By the way, that is what it really is.

No position is obviously right or wrong. PDP, APC ACN or Labor parties. All parties are right and wrong. There is no Solomon stand above the fray and claiming wisdom more than all of us.

Everything should be open for negotiation in a furious marketplace for ideas and influence. This how to view this.

Let’s put this thought-line in perspective: Nigeria is yet to develop a skilled civil service comparable to the ones we had during our independence years.

Civil service positions are distributed mainly on political loyalty and affinity to powerful people in Aso Villa.

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Need we talk about the fraudulent recruitment in Central Bank and other places of late?

The president was accused of stuffing that place with his relatives. That issue is dead and forgotten.

Now imagine what happens when all his aides also sneak in lists of their favorites into offices and even football matches.

The result is a cream of classless civil service peopled with persons without requisite knowledge to perform a task.

Given, there are still highly skilled servants.  But again, how can they compare to highly skilled, well organized and financed professionals in other climes?

There are plenty of energetic and talented individuals in our civil service. But how can they perform when they are chronically underfunded, understaffed and underappreciated?

The Judiciary is an entirely different animal. They are supposed to be potential neutral arbiters when agendas are discussed.

The Judiciary has lost its reputation for standing above the political fray and ensuring justice is done.

But no. They have also become highly partisan. Some give opulent perpetual court injunctions restraining anti-graft agencies from arresting known thieves.

So the question of getting Buhari and his entire team to listen does not lie in the corridors of power.

It lies with the masses.

Without a respected government, a prestigious civil service, or a politically independent Judiciary, self-interest becomes the driving force of all agendas on Aso Villa’s table.

Interest groups press for their feeding bottles ALONE! One major group is the National Assembly.

All they legislate on is how a bigger national cake will be baked and how they may have a bigger slice of the pie by budget padding.

There is no shame in this.

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The only way to remove selfish interests is to introduce a diverse selfish interest group into discussing the agenda on Aso villa’s table.

Many interest groups scrambling for their own narrow advantage will offset one another and ambition will counteract ambition.

Our advice? Never quit talking. Keep up the tempo. Use all media to communicate your ideas.

Don’t be deceived. What is discussed on social media is heard in Aso Villa.

Buhari won the elections because public opinion was largely swayed here and the discussions was later carried to markets, houses, beer parlors and the lot.