How President Buhari’s inlaw created Boko Haram — Attorney General

We had always smelt grease burning and it’s not from the bearings on PDP chairmanship tussle.

We think it’s the sleazy, greasy, back alley, of Sheriff’s in law that is catching fire.

And if we’re not mistaken, the liars and those who planted Sheriff in PDP are also on fire.

Ever wonder why prominent Emirs in the north are now balking? They are not talking in vain. They have seen something and that something is not good.

Let’s face it folks, the federal government is NOT going to prosecute Sheriff. No matter what criminal activities turns up.

Here is the latest on Sheriff: He formed Boko Haram. This is no news because we knew all along.

This is why it is news: this revelation is coming from the Borno State Attorney General.

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Hear him: “Ali Modu Sheriff was a former governor of Borno State for eight years and left the state in a state of insecurity.

“He created Boko Haram and allowed it to fester.

“Can he deny that Mohammed Yusuf freely operated between 2003 and 2009 and the aberration laws he passed?”

“Sheriff should be arrested. He should be investigated.

“Up to today, he is moving freely and nobody is talking to him.

“He should be interrogated for the facts that we have just mentioned in Port Harcourt here.

“His records were known to everybody, even to you media men.

“The Federal Government is aware; the state government is aware; you media men are aware.

“They are not only facts; they are notorious facts. All and sundry are aware.

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“Can he deny that fact that he was a governor between 2003 and 2011?

“All hands must be on deck, if actually justice must be done to the hundreds of people that were killed in the Federal Republic of Nigeria,” The Attorney General said.

There you have it. An in-law to President Buhari brazenly indicted by a legal icon of his state.

Are we surprised by this? No! We have watched with dismay Sheriff’s antics for 13 years now.

He represents the lowest common denominator in political greed, political corruption, political back scratching.

He is on fire. Buhari is on fire. Let’s see how they quench this inferno.