I reported my wife to her parents

I reported my wife to her parents. Startled, we looked up from our notes.

That was in my fifth year in medical school and the consultant obstetrician had chosen to take a break from the lecture to tell us about life and what it really looked like, outside.

“She was slowing down, getting too occupied with the children and me, and loosing her grip on her career and ambitions. She needed to wake up.

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“I had talked to her several times, you see. But she wouldn’t listen. So, I had to tell her parents to warn her for me.”

We didn’t say it, but in our minds, the entire class went “Awwwwwwwww…”

Friends, I do not know how many definitions of “husband” there are, but this right here is the right definition.
Quote me.

My epiphany with my fiancé (now husband) came when I handed him an envelope shortly after we met.

“Do not open it until you get to England” I told him at the airport.

In there was a book I had published the previous year. When I got the I-arrived-safely call, the excitement in his voice was palpable.

“I just opened the envelope you gave me.” He said.

“It’s amazing! But, I think the printing can be better. Let me call an international publisher I know. He would be pleased to do a much better work. You know…”

He went on and on..

Myself turned to myself and said to myself:

“Uju, this is your husband. If there is any doubt in your heart about this, quash it right here.”

And that I did. I wouldn’t have been able to forgive myself if I didn’t.

A husband is a man who is committed to supporting your dreams and visions for the rest of his life.
A Lapidoth, who wouldn’t be scared that his wife Deborah, is the judge of all Israel.

Come to think of it. Isn’t it a visionless person that would be scared of someone else’s vision?

If I know I am going to nail an exam, why would I be intimidated when my neighbour collects the third extra sheet?
Anyway, I digress..

Few months ago I met this photo, posted by a friend

It is the picture of a book her fiancé (now husband), gave to her when they were courting.

He wrote thus on it:

“Sugar, I would have failed as your fiancé and husband if you fail to succeed and reach your potential in life. Promise me you will. Love unfeigned, Your Prince.”

Sisters, I do not hesitate to say this: “If you do not find a man like this, DO NOT MARRY.

Marriage is a matter of synergy of strengths, all for the accomplishment of divine purpose. If you were chasing a thousand before the ring, you should be chasing ten thousand, thereafter.

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Your drive should double. Your enthusiasm should reach fever pitch. Your feet should be swifter. That is the original divine plan.

The rubbish our society constantly feeds us with is just what it is: RUBBISH. For in the beginning, it was not so.

Biko, lemme go and find sontin doing, before I will hear: “This girl, are you still working on publishing that paper at all?” ??

Daalu nu.

By Uju Okorie.