If Luggard made a mistake, dissolve Nigeria — Ango Abdullahi

A member of the Northern Elders Forum, Professor Ango Abdullahi was a guest at the book launch of Dr. Hadiza Isa Wada.

The former presidential aide said the merger of different tribes into Nigeria by Lord Frederick Lugard in 1914 was an error.

He said, Nigeria is negotiable and that if the semi federal structure Nigeria practices is no longer workable, the entire nation should be restructured.

Ango further stated that if true Federalism cannot work, then all regions should go their separate ways.

According to Ango, “If Lugard made a mistake in 1914 let’s correct it now. Why not?

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“If Nigerians cannot live together and allow peace and development to reign, then let’s go our separate ways.

“Let’s separate so that we can concentrate and develop our children and grandchildren in peace.

“There’s nothing wrong with that. So many countries have gone through that before.

“So I don’t believe in all these emotions and sentiments that Nigeria is indissoluble,” he said.

“Take Great Britain, they’ve been a model for 1,000 years of democracy.

“But Scotland that had been in the union for about 350 years opted for a referendum to get out; same problem with Ireland.

“The Soviet Union was a super power many years ago, today 12 or 13 countries were created from it.

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“So what is so special about Nigeria? If we find truly that we cannot develop and guarantee the welfare of our people as a nation and the solution is to go our separate ways, why not?

“We the northerners were taking the brunt of it. And those who ought to have said something stayed quiet.

“India got independence in 1948, yet one or two years later Pakistan was created, and in another one or two years, Bangladesh emerged out of Pakistan.

“If we can’t live together and understand each other, let us scatter,” Abudullahi said.