The imminent disintegration of Nigeria — President Buhari: Part 4

Is President Buhari’s prediction true?

In the final part of our series, we will answer the remaining questions we raised in part 1.

Again, let us remind ourselves of President Buhari’s foresight. Hear him: “Unless developed countries … mobilize resources to start the water transfer from the Congo Basin, the Lake Chad will dry up.

“The people will go somewhere and they will create problems for those countries.”

President Buhari’s prediction is true. But will dare say that some of the populations will migrate to other countries, while others will migrate southwards.

We are already having camps for internally displaced persons and we are already crying.

We cannot effectively handle the shear hunger that is hitting IPD’s.

Imagine what would happen if number of internally displaced persons hit millions and happens in many states up north.

There will be a forced migration and they will definitely “Create problems for those countries” or areas where to migrate to.

There will be a limit to which Middle belters and Southern Nigeria will accommodate their Northern brothers.

Already, hatred between the north and South is high and growing.

Southern Nigerians already see northern farmers as invaders. Again, our politicians are beating the drum harder.

Southerners see this “invasion” as a willing ploy to Islamize them. A thing they will willingly settle with blood and sweats.

Forced migration, climate refugees, political unrest and religious intolerance will be the ingredients that may likely lead to another war and possible disintegration.

President Buhari knows this and this is why he wants technological solution that may reduce migration and anarchy in long run.

If yes, what can we do to prevent disintegration?

Whatever policies that may be implemented to stave off the issues raised herein is largely dependent on our political resolve.

The immediate focus should tackle reduction in threat multipliers one of which is he Boko Haram menace.

President Buhari must crush Boko Haram by all means.

Secondly, the president must somehow reunite the country across religious lines.

This will increase tolerance of other tribes should technology fail to stop migration.

Nigeria’s major challenge is our weak posture in implementing adaptive or mitigation strategies.

To stave off possible balkanization of the country, the president must march words with actions.

He must stop looking at developed nations for help and seek an internal solution to our challenges.

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