Impeachment moves against me is selfish

APC seem to be grappling with burden of leadership as various factions within the party seem to be hobnobbing with impeachment threats.

APC has been grappling with its members, both at the national and state levels.

At the national level, a rebel faction led by Senator Bukola Saraki muted of possible impeachment moves against President Muhammadu Buhari.

Barely few weeks after President Buhari visited the Zamfara State, the state house of representatives have commenced impeachment moves against the Governor Abdulaziz Yari.

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According to Governor Yari, the impeachment moves by the state legislature is purely hinged on selfish motives.

“There has never been any bill brought to me by the House of Assembly that I did not assent to.

“I have never spent the state’s money without their approval,” Yari said.

The governor decried claims by the legislature that he turned down overtures by the lawmakers to meet with him.

He said the lawmaker were unable to meet with him because they did not follow the “Right channel”.

“This failure of the legislators to follow the right channel led the people of the state to suspect that the lawmakers were planning evil.

“As members of the same political party, we have always discussed the problems and prospects of our party and proffered solutions.

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“At the moment, the only challenge we have is that of security, which we are now adequately addressing with help from the Federal Government,” Yari said.

According to Yari, the concerns raised by the law makers were not issues his office could resolve.

The embattled Governor said, since there is a party mechanism in place that handle such issues, it will be tabled and addressed by the party accordingly.

“This is so that we can continue as members of one family.”