Interior Minister: “Nigeria spends 14,000 daily to feed inmates”

Last year, the national coordinator of Legal Defense & Assistance Project, Mr. Chino Obiagwu, stated that the Nigerian government spends a paltry N3.50k to feed an inmate in Nigerian prisons per day. That cost has increased to N14,000 naira! Nigeria!!

Recall that in a round table discussion last year (precisely June), Chino Obiagwu said that the N3.50 was increased from N2.10k by the new comptroller General of the Nigerian prisons. How that changed to N14,000 naira in less than one year is bamboozling.

There are about 57,000 inmates scattered across Nigerian prisons. Prisoners get to supplement their meals by visits from friends, families and NGOs. “A lot of philanthropy goes into our prisons, churches like the Catholic Church, The Redeemed church carry out on regular prison visits to improve the welfare of inmates,” Obiagwu said.

Fast forward to 2016….

The Nigerian government says it spends 14,000 Naira to feed prisoners. The Minister for Interior, Abdulrahman Dambazau disclosed this in an ongoing town hall meeting holding in Kaduna, Northwest Nigeria.

“There are about 57,000 inmates spread across the country with over 70 percent awaiting trial,” he explained.

Recall that Abdulrahman Dambazau was the same character caught on tape using an officer of Nigeria’s State Security Service to clean his shoes in public.

Nigerian prisons are notoriously noted as a cesspool of corruption and mismanagement. Nigerian prisons are either Maximum Security Prisons, Medium Security Prisons, Satellite Prisons or Farm Centers.

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This last prison types are Agricultural Prison Camps set up primarily to train inmates in Agro-based vocations so that when they discharge they will have Agro-based skills to depend upon.

The convicts are expected in addition to be taught to appreciate the dignity of labor.  The Farm Centers are large mechanized farms that are located in the food-producing areas of the different geopolitical regions of the country.