It is showdown for anyone attacking Buhari — Northern Youth Leaders Assembly

Northern Youth Leaders Assembly, has threatened engage any group, media or persons who malign President Muhammadu Buhari, his wife or family members.

The group said the President has done a lot to stabilize the country, yet some elements are all out to barrage the president.

The statement was jointly signed by leadership of the group, Yakubu Danlami and Secretary, Kwuanu Terrence.

The groups says they have mobilized “Resources to take on anyone who think they can use their image as a chess pawn in the game playing out in the media.

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“We warn that the north will no longer tolerate any further attack on the image, family and character of President Muhammadu Buhari.

“Buhari’s quest is to make Nigeria a better place for all.

“We take particular exception to our Service Chiefs, security personnel and their families being harassed needlessly.

“We will not hesitate to mobilize our resources to take on anyone who think they can use their image as a chess pawn in the game playing out in the media,” they warned.

The group asserts that Buhari’s cabinet members are being demonized and criminalized.

The group says the direct aftermath of this is the resurgence of separatist movements and militant groups in the southern Nigeria.

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They said, some of those behind secession have openly expressed their ethnic discontent.

“This does not bode well for the country as the concept of a one Nigeria,” the Northern group said.

The youth movement has also set up a media team with a responsibility to counter anti-Buhari propaganda sentiments in the media.

Reacting to the threat, one reporter asked, “What are they doing about the rampant child beggars in the street?

“What are they doing to halt young girls being raped by grown men in the name of Islamic weddings?

“Why can’t they put their so called resources into use to build rehabs for their children?

“What about boko and cattle rustling??

“When will you stop those?