Jesus’ image mysteriously appears in a church in Makurdi

Thousands of catholic faithfuls thronged the Saint Augustine Catholic Church, Nenger, in Makurdi, Benue State yesterday.

The narration that followed the throng is this:

In the early hours of Monday, worshippers at the church claimed they spotted an apparition of Jesus Christ in the church.

The news attracted thousands of residents, who wanted to catch a glimpse too.

Catholics and non-Catholics also rushed to the scene as the news spread across Makurdi.

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The church became a pilgrimage site of some sort.

Our correspondent also went to the scene around 3pm.

He reported seeing shinny image in the likeness of Jesus on the wall behind the altar.

Congregants claimed the image was not there before Monday.

Catholic ‘Pilgrims’ trooped to the altar, clinging to it and saying different prayers like, “Jesus save me”, “Jesus the son of God, have mercy on us.”

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When asked for the interpretation of the appearance of the apparition, the priest in charge of the parish, Celestine Tyowua, “We shall comment at the appropriate time.

“I have to consult with the Bishop of Makurdi diocese who will thereafter contact the Catholic secretariat.

“They may probably contact Rome before we can comment.”

Witnesses who came to see the appartition believed the image is that of Jesus Christ.