Kachikwu makes first official statement after his sack

Certain sections of the Nigerian populace believe that President Buhari is keener to resolve the Niger delta crisis than to rescue Chibok girls.

One vocal critic of Buhari said “In Buhari’s dictionary, crude oil is better than human life.

Kachikwu responding to that insinuation when he was hosted by Richard Quest of CNN on Monday night.

According to Kachikwu, that insinuation is “Not quite so, at all.

“On the contrary, since President Muhammadu Buhari resumed, I think his first steps were targeted at the northeast and the Chibok girls.

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He added, “If you remember, most of his first state visits were to neighboring countries.

“The president tried to gather alignment among neighboring countries’ military forces to fight insurgency.

“One of the crisis the president had to inherit, was the fact that once he came in, he found that monies that were allocated to the military to be able to deal with these issues, were largely diverted, and he spent a lot of time trying to find funds.

“This affected the President’s bid to prosecute the war against Boko Haram.

“But that is changing now. The Nigerian Army has made huge progress.

“We haven’t found the girls and it’s sorrowful for every Nigerian who thinks about it.

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“I have children, the last thing I want is for people’s children to be in the forest abandoned.

“The President is are doing everything can to rescue them.

“I sympathize with all parents who are in this situation, but the president hasn’t given up on this,” Kachikwu said.

Kachikwu also reacted to the ongoing dialogue between Niger Delta militants and the government.

“There’s a lot of ongoing dialogue and security meetings with the militants.

“We expect that in the next one or two months, we will arrive at a lasting solution to the problem.


“If we can achieve peace, this will be feasible,” he said.