Kanu was right: Must the north rule? – Oyedepo

Bishop David Oyedepo of the Living Faith Church has invoked God’s curses on those fueling Southern Kaduna killings.

We’re really so glad to see the prominent persons rise to the occasion and condemn the ills in Southern Kaduna.

Still not even into the fourth year after we endured 16 long years of misrule by our politicians

Our politicians did nothing to help the masses. Zip. Nothing.

Nigerians have been neglected for too long.

Coupled with economic hardship, the legacy of the Buhari administration will be the massacre of Nigerians by herdsmen.

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Millions of people expect the government to clean up this mess. Well, people are beginning to talk; big people.

According to Oyedepo, Nigeria must not be one. He said if it’s God’s will to break up Nigeria, then so be it.

Hear him:  “God sent me as His apostle of liberation to this continent to stop it from decadence.

“I heard from God and He has proved it beyond measure.

“Therefore, every occultic root, every political root of this uprising is cursed today!

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“All the northern forces that are sponsoring this uprising and slayings, I decree the curse of God upon them.

“Lord, if it is your will to break up Nigeria, break it now! Enough is enough!

“If Nigeria wakes up, wait for the church to rise. There will be no more nation, what nonsense.

“What demonic devils. What Islamic demons.

“Every agent of destruction in Government today, call fire down on their head, call fire down on their head.

“I was even told from a report that they were targeting this church. I said what?

“Even if I was asleep, if you see anybody here [neutralize] him!

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“[Neutralize] him and spill his blood on the ground. I am saying that to you, what nonsense, what devil.

“Must the north continue to rule?  What devils! God has anointed me to lead a revolution against the Islamic jihadist.

“You catch anyone that looks like them, [neutralize] him!

“There is no reporting to anybody. [neutralize] him! Pull off his neck! And we spill his blood on the ground.

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“All those zeros census they are fake. Where are the human beings? Where are they? We go around the place. Where are they?

“Don’t mistake only those in politics as in power. The anointed of the Lord are the ones in power.

“There was a king in the land but Elijah was determining the events of the nation.

“If I say it will not rain here for three years, it will not drop. What nonsense!

“Who born their mother, who born their father? They are too small. Any devil that misbehaves around you will be slain by the fire!”