Katsina: 14 years minor says she married out of her will

That 14 year old minor, who was married off by the Emir of Katsina State, has reacted to claims that she was married against her will.

The minor, Habiba Isiyaku, whose father, Isiyaku Tanko, accused the Emir of Katsina, Abdulmumini Usman, of marrying off to her abductor Jamilu Lawal, has come out to deny her father’s claim, saying that she changed her religion and married in her own volition.

Tanko had accused the Emir of marrying off his daughter to her alleged abductor, Lawal.

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The minor was forcefully taken from the secondary school she attended in Kudun Kankara, Kastina State by Lawal.

Habiba claimed she was neither coerced nor forced into accepting Islam as a religion or getting married to her said abductor, Lawal.

The minor spoke before a joint committee session with officials of Katsina Emirate, Katsina chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria, and security personnel.

She said, “I took all decisions in my own volition.

“I chose on my own to become a Muslim and relocated to the emir’s palace.

“I did it because I was afraid of what I might go through and the threat coming from my parents.

The Emir said Tanko had written the police, claiming that his daughter was abducted by Lawal. Lawal is one of the Emir’s servants.

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The Emir explained that the palace had conducted internal investigations upon receiving the petition from the police.

Their finding showed that Habiba was not forced into marriage or converted to a Muslim as claimed by her father.

He noted that Habiba had shown interest in marrying Jamilu and a wedding was conducted by the Emirate who received a bride price of N50,000.

The Emir said, after the investigation, Tanko had written to the emirate, apologizing for the allegations.