A letter from a mom to mothers

Dear wife or mom,

No matter what century you live in, one truth is sure: you were designed, built and made for your own husband.

I will let that sink in for a bit.

Let me reiterate again: as a wife, you were made for him (husband), to help him and complete him. To satisfy him under God.

Now, I know you may have been taught many different things by many different people and groups with different agenda.

But my fellow wife, if you are ever interested in pleasing God, if your desire is ever to live in the heart of the will of your Creator and to fulfill your purpose as wife, then you have to consciously put away every contrariness and wholly embrace this truth that it is for your husband that you were made.

And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I WILL MAKE HIM a helper, a help meet for Him. (Genesis 2:18)

It was not until God Himself in His divine orchestration and plan came to the point where He specifically sought to address the need in the man that He had made that the need for you AS A WIFE arose.

Your marriage to any man is useless if there was not a need for you to meet in that man’s life.

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Your role as a wife is the result of the need to be met in the life of the one who is your own husband.

So, if you have gone into marriage without this understanding, there is still ample time for you to settle down and submit to God’s purpose and plan for your life on the account of your husband.

In fact, it is quite an urgent matter for you.

It only means your husband has been without help all along, even though you have been answering his wife for these number of years.

Get up and set about becoming the help he so desperately needs.

It doesn’t matter what you thought your “ministry” was before you held out your hand in agreement to go with him.

You have not been called to anything more primary than to be of help to your own husband under God.

When you agreed of your own volition in response to the will of God to go with him and become his wife, what you invariably said to yourself before God was that you were laying down all your personal goals, dreams and aspirations to lay hold on his and consume yourself only by the things that he desires your help with.

And to satisfy the instructions of God for his life, in which God in His providence had determined that your own life as a wife will find pleasure and fulfillment therefrom.

It is in serving your husband in this manner, according to God’s manual for marriage, that every wife is sure to find her own true fulfillment and pleasure in the work of her own hands.

As a single woman trusting the Lord to lead you by hand to the man He made you for, you must take the time, ensure that you understand that you are made for your husband, to help him become all that God requires him to be.

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If there is a man before you whom you have identified nothing that he needs your help with, that you are skilled to help him with, you are not the one suited for that man.

Let him alone.

When the Lord brings the one you were taken out of, your soul will know that very well.

He will find in you a help meet for him.

There are many women married today who are all over the place helping themselves and serving the pleasures of others whereas their own husbands, for whom they were made, are left helpless and incomplete.

They are married to you but they are still without help.

The question you should be asking yourself in tears is, of what use then am I to my husband?

We are made powerful in that we hold the key in a large part to the completion of God’s intentions for our husbands.

Oh, that should make you both confident in who you are in Christ and at the same time, drive your knees to the ground in utter submission and ‘helplessness’ before the One who alone can in turn help you not to make a shipwreck.

It is your duty to ask and discover what your husband needs help with.

The fact that you are his wife means that you have been equipped with the special resource that no one else on the earth has through which he will be satisfied and helped.

Allow the Lord fan your abilities to flame.

Being busy complaining about how purposeless and directionless your husband has been is quite frankly a clear indication that God has helped your eyes to open to the very reason for which you are his help meet.

And while we know that he also is called to accomplish a divine purpose in your own life, this post today is not addressing that.

Get to work and help your man. If there is something in his life that is not as Christ intends it, it is your duty to help me become like Christ in that area. You are THE help MEET for him and for no man else. And if he is being foolish at the moment and not receiving with joy the help heaven offers him in you, again, tell it to the Head of the husband, Christ. He knows how to corner your husband and work in your favor as his wife.

There is something of your husband that was taken out of him leaving him incomplete.

That thing is the very essence of your own being.

Continuing to live your life as if you made yourself for yourself is not only deluding yourself, but you ensure that nothing he does will ever satisfy him and surely not you.

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You were made for him.

Don’t cooperate with Satan in distorting this order.

God does all things well.

Settle down and ask the Lord to help you humble yourself enough to move yourself back into that hitherto empty spot that has continued to exist in your husband from which you were taken.

It was from the rib which the Lord God took from your husband that he made you his wife.

You make him incomplete and helpless by not fitting yourself back into him.

Seeing that I am not writing a book at the moment, I will end here and trust the Lord to graciously allow the scales over our eyes as wives to fall off, whatever the scales may be and whatever their stronghold.

May the veil be lifted over you that you will see God’s plan for your life as one looking intently into a mirror and that your life will receive a more glorious transformation.

Let God alone be true and every feminist agenda, opinion, experience, ideology etc remain a lie.

By Amy Grateful.