Linda Ikeji launches a social media network like Facebook

Linda Ikeji has just launched her own social media networking site. Her platform is called “Linda Ikeji Social.”

Linda is popular Nigerian gossip blogger who currently ranks as one of the highest bloggers in the world.

Linda had hinted in August that she would be branching out to other forms of media.

She had mentioned an online TV network, an online radio station, a music website, and something called “LIS.”

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Many of us wondered what this “LIS” meant, and it seems we have our answer – Linda Ikeji Social.

Apparently, the site has been in testing for some weeks, and today, the first of November, was chosen as the launch date.

An info on the site says, LIS is a community where users can “make friends, be the first to know when things happen, have fun, and get awesome rewards.”

To join this community, users can either create a free account or sign up using their Facebook accounts.

In Linda Ikeji’s words, LIS is “social networking meets blogging meets classifieds ads/buy and sell all in one package.”

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Linda Ikeji said the site was inspired by two fans who said they only visited her blog and Facebook.

Although the site seem to take a while to load, we think with time, Linda will host her site on private servers.

A popular quote says “Give the people what they want, and they’ll come”.

And there you have it, Linda Ikeji’s Facebook!

Click here to go to her social media network.