Plans to expand Sharia laws to South uncovered

The Speaker of the Federal House of representatives, Yakubu Dogara, is a Christian. He represents a Muslim majority constituency in Bauchi State.

Speaker Dogara openly paid allegiance to the Sultan of Sokoto, Sa’ad Abubakar, for playing a vital role in his emergence as Speaker of the House of Representatives.

From the same Sokoto State, a member of the Federal house of Assembly representing Gwadabawa/Illela presented a bill seeking more powers for Sharia courts.

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The sponsor of the bill, Abdullahi Salame, wants to amend sections of the constitution so that Sharia courts can try non-Muslims in Sharia courts. As presently constituted, the Sharia Court does not have such locus standi.

Christian groups across the country have voiced concerns regarding the intent of the said bill. This news house gathered that Speaker Dogara, is quietly pushing for a speedy passing of the bill.

Another worry is why Christian legislators are surprisingly quiet even as the bill has scaled second reading.

It seems as though while we are preoccupied by diversionary hoopla on fuel scarcity, tomato shortage, Avengers, dollars and anticorruption war, some elements are working to Islamize Nigeria.

The constitution of a nation is the highest law governing that nation. Every other law and belief is subject to the constitution.

Every belief and practice can only legally function effectively under the ambit and within the latitude that the constitution allows.

That being the case, having any portion of the Sharia law within the constitution when Nigeria is not primarily an Islamic nation is an error because all the other religions will be at the mercy of Sharia if the full power of the constitution is brought to bear on issues,” NAIJ reports.

While our jet flying pastors, who played prominent roles in the last elections have suddenly gone quiet beats our imagination.

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At this rate, Nigerians will wake up one day and find themselves under an Islamic rule. Please note that the come 2019, the Muslim North will also produce the President as both APC and PDP have zoned the presidency to that region.

Nigeria is a circular State, and should be left to remain that way. Any plans to amend the constitution should be discussed in the open.