Maiduguri residents cries out as Buhari prepares amnesty for BH

The Buhari led administration is desperately searching for a good news. Anything that can prop up positive acceptance will do her good.

That is why President Buhari is bent on going against his previously avowed stance of not negotiating with terror groups.

The much expected return of the abducted Chibok girls has suffered another blow the FG has admitted glitches in the negotiations for a swap deal with Boko Haram.

The group had said she would release the Chibok girls on a condition that its captured fighters would be unconditionally released.

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According to the Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, after more than two weeks of negotiation, talks broke down.

“The security agencies since the beginning of 2016 have not only remained committed but have also taken the lead to resolve the Chibok girls’ issue.

“In spite of the current division among BH members, which has seriously affected efforts to release the girls, renewed efforts have commenced using our trusted assets and facilitators.

“However, this job requires diligence and ability to deal with a group that can easily change its demands

“Some persons volunteering to be negotiators or facilitators saw the girls’ plight as a conduit to enrich themselves.

“It was obvious their approach had no relevance to the release of the girls. They took the whole thing as a pecuniary venture,” Lai said.

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The Chibok girls has turned out to be challenging than has been anticipated.

President Buhari made it a plank among its numerous promises before taking power. With power, it has underachieved compared to its promises.

Given its abysmally poor performance so far, with a disillusionment of the generality of Nigerians, this administration badly needs a good news.

Pulling off the release of the Chibok girls could be that good news.

It will positively do to this administration, what the killing of bin Laden did to Obama, when his rating was low.

It will bring relief to the parents of some of the girls, closure to others and some pride to the country.