Matters arising from Aso Rock Presidential villa [Opinion]

In the current era of shrouding everything about the president in secrecy, everything happening in Aso Rock villa becomes news.

Although we cannot independently verify this news, a facebook user, Ikuku Oma, shared the story below.

“The Cabal mainly the Northern Oligarchs are pushing for the nomination of Bukola Saraki, the current Senate President, as Vice President.

“This is the only condition for Osinbajo to ascend to the Presidency.

“This is the plan in case Buhari becomes incapacitated, or worse to govern.

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“Same thing they did with Sambo and Jonathan after a similar scenario happened to late President Yar Adua.

“The problem here is: according to sources, VP Osinbajo is very reluctant to working with Saraki.

“The reason is because Saraki is a man he considers to be very corrupt, but unqualified, to be Vice President.

“According to one reliable source, Mr. Osinbajo does not want someone with a case at the EFCC.

“And if he insists on this, the Cabal, may find an alternative in Malam El Rufai, the current governor of Kaduna State.

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“He has emerged in the last 48 hours to be a major player among inside the Cabal.

“Olusegun Obasanjo, in an interview some days ago, have asked Vice President Osinbajo, to look South East, or the Middle Belt, for a new Vice President.

“An advice that may not go down well with the Cabal inside the APC. Events are moving fast inside Aso Rock.

“The Press are being kept away, for now.

“There are reports of a small group gathering near Bola Tinubu’s house in Asokoro.

“What they are doing, is anybody’s guess.

Meanwhile, political negotiations at Aso-Rock continues. Have a nice weekend,” Ikuku said.