Meet Chizara the graduate keke driver

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This is Chizara, from Omoku, Rivers State. A few moments ago, I was rushing to somewhere for an urgent business deal.

To avoid unnecessary traffic that may result to delay, I decided to take a Keke.

As I waved down an oncoming Keke, I just noticed that the driver was one beautiful young lady.

So, I entered and told her drop. As we moved I decided to engage her in a conversation.

My curiosity was to find out why a young beautiful lady should engage in Keke driving, in Port-Harcort of all places.

A city where all a young beautiful lady has to do is dress well, apply her Mary Kay and walk around the streets.

Before sunset she might be lucky to have some rich oil company workers or any person for that matter.

Me: What’s your name?

Keke driver: My name Chizara.

Me: Where are you from?

Keke driver: I’m from Omoku.

Me: I admire your courage for doing this. So, why did you get into Keke driving?

Keke driver: There’s no work now and I can’t stay idle. Besides, things are hard.

Me: Before you left Omoku, what were you doing?

Keke driver: I had a restaurant. These bad boys burnt it down. You know there’s this cultists crisis there. So, I ran for my life. So, I had to borrow money to add to the small cash with me to buy this Keke.

Me: Are you a graduate?

Keke driver: Yes. I graduated from UNIPORT. I studied marketing.

Me: Hmmmm. I’m really impressed by your doggedness. Many girls in this town believe in using what they have to get what they want. A beautiful lady like you, one would have thought that you take that option.

Keke driver: Hahahaha. Sir you’re very funny. Not meooo. Those that are involved in it what have they achieved? Abi you no sabi say HIV/AIDS full this state?

Me: Really? I don’t know. Any way do me a favour.

Keke driver: What sir? I want to take a picture of you. I’ll post it on social media. At least, to encourage other young girls and boys.

Keke driver: No problem Sir. Since I bought this Keke, I have not snapped picture with it.

Me: Please one final question. How do you cope with all these men, task force, agbero etc? Hope they don’t disturb you?

Keke driver: No, they have been very supportive. I don’t pay any levy and police doesn’t worry me.

Me: God bless your efforts.


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