Militants simultaneously attacks Maiduguri and Delta State

We actually sought for a less benign way to describe the current situation in Nigerian but could only come up with this: this country is in for serious crisis.

Whereas Boko Haram terrorists are unleashing devastating blows on our gallant soldiers, Niger Delta Militants are pummeling our national resources.

But here is the meat: at no time has both groups simultaneously hit national targets except from today.

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Just as the nation is till mourning the unfortunate demise of one our gallant soldiers, Col. Ali, Boko Haram yet again successfully detonated an explosive that [neutralized] 8 soldiers.

Those injured in the attack were airlifted and transferred to several medical facilities where they are receiving treatments.

While that was ongoing, Niger Delta militants leveled an oil pipeline operated by NNPC.

The line which was undergoing repair after the previous attack was billed for commissioning either today or tomorrow.

Then the militants struck and incapacitated the entire facility located southern port city of Warri.

Four surveillance guards deployed to protect the oil pipeline narrowly escaped [neutralization] after the militants opened fire.

Confirming the incident, an Army officer said “The hoodlums chased the guards by opening fire on them.

“Then they alighted from their speedboat, planted dynamite on swamp boogie, barge, crane and on the line.

“Unfortunately, only the dynamite on the barge exploded and immediately sank into the water.

“As I speak to you, the military are at the scene of the incident trying to dismantle the other dynamites,” the source said.

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Last week, the line was leveled just hours after President Buhari met with representatives of the various militant groups.

With the raving Boko Haram insurgents in the north and the determined militants in the south, Nigerians are sandwiched between two devils.

Can the country survive these? Will the nation implode?