That moment when Minister of budget couldn’t state Nigeria’s debt profile

The Minister of Budget and National Planning, Senator Udoma Udo Udoma, couldn’t state Nigeria’s current debt profile yesterday.

Senator Udoma was asked to elucidate on the Nation’s debt profile in the ongoing ongoing 22nd Nigerian Economic Summit in Abuja.

The minister promised to make the figure available on a future date as he could not give the exact figure or rough estimate on the spot.

This embarrassing moment was received with disappointment by some attendees at the summit.

But, the minister, who later gave the figure while speaking after the session.

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He said the figure skipped his mind when it was demanded from him.

As a diversionary tactic, Udoma said the government was already implementing policies tjhat would steer the economy out of recession.

He listed measures being taken to achieve that as “Taking actions to reduce the disruptions (to oil production activities) in the Niger Delta.

He also said the government will “fast track measures to raise funding from foreign loans and other sources to fund the 2016 capital budget.

“And targeting capital releases to projects with impact on employment, among others,” as measures being engaged to pull the nation out of recession.

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It is understandable that information can skip our memory. But Ndoma’s forgetfulness is no excuse.

The question was asked him in an economic summit, which he we believe he prepared for.

Ndoma is being paid by Nigerians to defend and properly manage what Nigeria owes and is owed. That is his job.

Being unable to tell us how much we owe is embarrassing. He is paid to do this. He should do his job or quit.

The minister’s attitude exemplify the disconnect that this administration has shown in the past. so what policies is he explaining that can get Nigeria out of recession?

These are serious times and we need very seriously minded people.