Monica Lewinsky backs Hillary Clinton’s Presidential bid

People talk of Monica Lewinsky as if millions of other married people have not committed adultery.

It happens every day all over the world. It is not a political issue, but only a distraction.

Our nation’s marionette politicians have been well trained by big money to be diabolical masters of deception.

As long as big money is involved, our choices for Presidents will always be millionaires or billionaires who will always cater to their big money allies.

Big money are also the ones whom via television and cinema promote infidelity with all the stuff they show us on TV.

Enters Monica Samille Lewinsky, who is herself a TV personality.

Lewinsky, (born July 23, 1973) and Bill Clinton are important characters in American presidential history.

Add Hillary Clinton and you have a ‘perfect’ threesome.

For the records: Monica Lewinsky was a former White House intern whom former President Bill Clinton had what he called an “inappropriate relationship” while she worked at the White House between 1995 and 1996.

As a result of the Lewinsky scandal, Bill Clinton was impeached. Both he and Hillary had to vacate the white house.

Lewinsky had admitted that she had more than eight sexual encounters with President Bill Clinton.

According to her testimony, the duo engaged in fellatio and other s3xual acts in the Oval Office.

During the first quarter of 1996, her superiors transferred her from the White House to the Pentagon.

The reason? She was spending too much time around Bill Clinton. There, she worked as an assistant to chief Pentagon spokesperson Kenneth Bacon.

She became cozy with a co-worker, Linda Tripp, and divulged her private relationship with the President Bill Clinton.

Tripp secretly recorded most of their telephone conversations regarding the affair with Clinton.

During Clinton’s trial, those tapes surfaced and the rest is history.

Fast forward to 2018 and another scenario is playing in Capitol Hill. One of the three indirectly involved involved in the Lewinsky scandal intends returning to the scene where the scandal happened.

A lot of commentators have argued the rationale behind raising marriage infidelity in the ongoing presidential campaigns.

By all means, let’s activate all of the infidelity survivors in this country by bringing it to the fore.

After being rejected by the Smithsonian, Monica Lewinsky announced today that she will be selling her famous, blue, semen-stained dress at auction.

Southeby’s, Inc., which will be handling the sale, predicts the historic dress should fetch up to $10 million or more at auction.

“This dress has priceless historical value”, said Southeby’s Representative Sylvia Hardon.

“This one semen stain changed the course of history!

“From this stain we saw the dramatic impeachment of a beloved President. The country took a dramatic shift to the right and the republicans gained power!

But seriously, we’d want the subject of infidelity be off the table for everyone involved in this election.

Mainly because it’s “dirty pool” and also because of the saying “let ye who has not sinned throw the first stone”.

Trump started having an affair with Marla Maples when he was still married to Ivanka.

Monica Lewinsky’s backing of Hillary Clinton is something that came as a surprise.

We can’t seem to wrap our head round why Lewinsky would support Hillary. She has every right to support anyone, but making it open beats our imagination.

Add to it the fact that she was rejected by Smithsonian complicates the entire story.