MURIC cautions Nigerian Military on Boko Haram

The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) has described Boko Haram’s newest video as a propaganda strategy.

MURIC said, Boko Haram is trying to whip up sentiments from both local and international groups.

Re-counting the gains Nigeria military has so far achieved, the group said Boko Haram’s logistics are currently in shambles.

MURIC’s Acting Director, Abdul Razaq Uthman, called on Boko Haram to surrender rather than hoodwink the masses with “Anachronistic tactics.”

Abdul also counselled the Nigerian Military to collaborate with the journalist that released the video, rather than declare him wanted.

According to MURIC, “Whoever assumes that Ahmad Salkida knows the exact location of the girls is being naïve.

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“Do you think the insurgents will be stupid enough to meet him anywhere near the girls’ hideout?

“Do you expect them to repose 100% trust in him?

“Have you ever heard of kidnappers meeting negotiators near their victim?

“The army must think of something else. Ahmad Salkida is not the problem.

“We advise the military to leave Ahmad Salkida (the journalist) alone.

“Scapegoatism is the last thing expected of the Nigerian Army in this dicey situation.

“The alert sent out on the journalist is suggestive of desperation.

“They should also use the intelligence gathered so far to trace the girls.

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“It will be unprofessional to scare the insurgents from approaching this journalist in future.

“We must also think of his personal safety as well as that of members of his family.”

MURIC said the video is clear proof that the bombardment by the nation’s military is biting hard and hitting the insurgents where it hurts most.

“Boko Haram is known to have filmed its own dastardly operations.

“The victims shown in the video may have been victims of its several massacres of innocent civilians.

“The new video is nothing more than a fabrication.

“It is used as a ruse to escape the current pressure.

“It is also obvious that the girl in the video spoke under duress.

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“The new video is a ploy to discredit the Nigerian military.

MURIC further advised Nigerians to ignore Boko Haram and encourage the Nigerian Military.

“Nobody should blame the Nigerian military for bombing the insurgents.

“Air superiority has always been used to gain advantage over the enemy.

“The Army used it to expedite campaigns and minimize casualty particularly in terra incognito like the wide forests of Sambisa.

MURIC believes Boko Haram’s new video is a ploy engaged by the insurgents to save them from total annihilation.