Nebo invents electricity system that will cut cost by 1000%

The immediate former Minister of Power, Prof. Chinedu Nebo, has invented a fuel-efficient electricity generation system.

Professor Nebo led a team of Nigerian engineers to the historic feat.

The team also created another power system that would run on sun and biomass to generate electricity without fossil fuel.

The new invention is codenamed ‘the power-seed machine’.

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Details of the system were presented to the Minister of Science and Technology, Dr. Ogbonanya Onu in Abuja.

According to professor Nebo, “Honorable minister, I have also come to tell you that something good is happening.

“I am confident to tell you that the days of the big power systems that consume lots of fuel are numbered.

“We have invented a power delivery system that will drastically reduce fuel, maintenance, and infrastructure cost.

“Before I ended my tenure as a federal minister of power, I had said that the turbines Nigeria uses will not solve our power problems.

“We need ’embedded small-scale’ power generators.

“This was actually developed by our formidable engineering team

“This system is about 15 years ahead of the present power delivery system.”

“From a layman’s perspective, we have designed and tested a power system that uses the same quantity of fuel to generate 10 times or more what ordinarily was possible.

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“The fuel consumption of our machine is not up to a 25 kilowatts machine.

“However, we are able to produce 250 kilowatts.

“There is the possibility to produce one megawatt but we are cut short to one megawatt because of licensing issue.

“For instance, the fuel needed for a 25-kilowatt power, we can use it to produce 250 kilowatts.

“We have tested it for 500 kilowatts and there is no problem because this is a seed web design.