Niger Delta Avengers finally launch it

Niger Delta militants are currently embroiled in a fight with the Federal government as to should control resources from the region.

In a move believed to be premediated and backed by intellectuals, the Niger Deltans launched a radio station in USA today.

The radio began transmitting its broadcasts on 9515 KHZ 31 meter band frequency.

Signals from the radio station were recieved in southern Nigerian cities like Yenegoa, Warri, Brass, Port Harcourt and Onne.

The signals were also picked up from foriegn cities like Niamey and Abidjan.

The station debuted with a music from Rex Lawson’s.

Thereafter, a masculine baritone voice announced the station as “Radio Niger Delta Voice Of Peace.” The station broadcasted for just an hour.

A night broadcast is purpotedly planned from 8 to 9pm Nigerian time, daily. One Prince Collins Eselemo from Bayelsa was interviewed.

The radio broadcast comes on the heels of Boko Haram who alledgedly launched a radio broadcasting station last month.