Niger Deltans are their own problem

Oil or no oil, every ethnic group has something to put on the table in Nigeria. There are no zero zones in this country. What exactly does Niger delta want?

While the Niger Delta region produces oil and gas, the north of the country provides Shiroro Dam, Kainji Dam, cows, beans, yams, goats, Ram, potatoes, chicken, cucumber, watermelon, tomatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes, groundnut, onions a, etc.

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The North feeds Nigeria. Yoruba have offered Nigeria cocoa, commerce and industry, and in fact have provided some 40% of Nigeria’s workforce. The technocrats, best lawyers and other professionals in Nigeria come from the Yoruba nation.

What does the Niger Delta want? They blackmailed President Obasanjo, they blackmailed President Yar’Adua. They blackmailed and held President Jonathan by the throat and squeezed it without mercy until he helplessly and hopelessly surrendered.

They got everything. They got NDDC, they got the Ministry of Niger Delta, they got 13% Derivation, they stole billions of barrels of crude oil, and got billions of dollar.

They got oil wells without paying a dime, they robbed oil companies at gun point, they kidnapped for money, they got amnesty from President Yar’Adua and a deal worth more than a billion dollars.

Former President Jonathan opened the nation’s Treasury for them and they carted away billions to build Universities, mansions and even buy arms and warships.

The school dropout called Asari Dokubo is building a University in Benin Republic and so is the silly old man called Edwin Clark. Oh My God, these shameless idiots have had it all and have thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

They married many wives like Asari Dokubo, owned night clubs, big hotels, estates, all kinds of Special Utility Vehicles, they painted the cities red and intimidated other Nigerians. They wished that the party and the bazaar continue until the 2015 general elections drew near.

When it dawned on them that Jonathan may not make it they began to issue threats and intimidation. They got desperate and fear gripped them that a president Buhari may not accept their criminal enterprise and excesses any longer.

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A president Buhari came on board and removed the feeding bottles from their ugly, piggery mouths and hell was let loose. The corruption called the amnesty has to go. Easy money is gone. Extortion is gone. This is president Buhari’s sin.”

– Joe Igbokwe