Nigeria already has more than 400 grazing reserves

We think this might come as a rude shock to you: previous Nigerian governments established 414 grazing reserves across the Country.

The Buhari administration has begun moves to revive all these reserves.

The government have put together a team called ‘Members of the Advocacy, Sensitization and Mobilization Team on Rehabilitation and Development of Grazing Reserves and Stock Routes.’

The team visited one of the reserves in Gombe state – the Wawazange Grazing Reserve in Dukku LGA of the state.

When the team arrived, a rude shock met them: the entire community was in shambles. Time seemed to standstill in the area.

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One primary school of about six classrooms had a headmaster’s office.

But the school had just one teacher: the headmaster. He teaches all 63 pupils in the school alone!

Dr. Ibrahim Abdullahi, the Assistant National Secretary General of Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria could not contain his surprise.

The school’s staff quarters was dilapidated and uninhabitable.

Aside from these, the team observed zero presence of a health facility of any sought. Not even a Chemist or pharmacy shop!

“Polio is a concern to Nigeria and the world. Gombe State and other northeastern states are high risk states in terms of polio campaign, I think that is not ideal.

“We have just clocked about two years without having one single wild polio virus (WPV) case.

“But unfortunately for us, WPV [has just been] isolated in Borno State.

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“You cannot rule out the possibility of people from that area coming to this area and then get other children here infected.

“So I think this is a matter of urgent importance that the government has to look at,” Dr. Abduallhi said.

Experts say the Northeast is the most educationally backward in the country.

The region also has the highest number of out of schoolchildren and it is equally the most poverty ravaged.

Whatever this government can do to salvage Wawazange Grazing Reserve and many others, they should do it quick!