Nigeria does not need Niger Delta — Emir Sanusi Lamido

The whole Sanusi Lamido bunch are a legacy of bare-faced truth to a fault.

Sanusi, as a Central Bank Governor, stood up and told Nigerians the truth. That was some years ago.

He stood up there and kept telling the truth but he was eventually forced to resign from his office.

But Nigerians knew he was telling the truth about the imminent danger our economy was about to face.

Now, we are lazy enough in this country to even consider…even consider, ignoring his warnings and even mute a trial.

Is the Emir a saint? No! But he is one of the more straightforward traditional leaders we have in this country.

To us, it’s just plain ludicrous…just plain crazy that anyone would even consider supporting the notion of throwing his advice to the bin.

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Well, the Emir took to one of his social media handles and made a shocking statement.

Many would not agree, but he is well ahead of most Nigerians in his thoughts.

To cut the chase, the Emir stated this: “Nigerians need Lagos state more than Niger Delta!

He noted that after sometime, oil will be worthless in Nigeria just like coal lost its value some 50 years ago.

He wrote: “The Lagos story is a story of what Nigeria can do with itself – transparency, consistency, regulations.

“That’s why today Lagos state is 30% Nigerian non-oil GDP, and Lagos can do without oil.

“This country is better off with Lagos than with the Niger Delta.

“Let’s not make that mistake. We should be together as a country.

“Every part of the country is important.

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“But, let us not be so obsessed by a resource, because we have had the commodity driven model, and we are blind to the potentials of an alternative model.

“Lagos doesn’t need oil. What is oil anyway? It is a raw material. You don’t drink it.

“You need it to move your vehicles. Now, you have electricity.

“You need it to fill your generator. Now you have solar power, and biomass.

“The future of oil is not there.

“So, those few people who are trying to break up this country over oil, after sometime that oil will be worthless – Muhammadu Sanusi II,” he stated.