Nigerian Army and police in gun fight over Ramadan Rice

Members of the Nigerian Army, who were deployed on the orders of President Muhammadu Buhari to salvage Maiduguri and environs from Boko Haram went into warfare over Ramadan rice and Semovita.

The Governor of Bornu State commenced distribution of Ramadan rice, Semovita and other goodies to indigenes at the government house.

As thousands of people gathered to partake in the largess, the crowd became almost uncontrollable. The Nigerian police force had to be brought in to maintain order.

When the distribution began, police officers ensured people accessed the venue through a route. Vehicles were also barred.

Just before noon, a Nigerian Army truck appeared on scene, insisting on entering the venue where rice and Semovita were being shared.

Since the Army officers had already broken a rule of “No vehicle” and being of the suspicion that the Army troops wanted to help themselves, the police officers demanded they leave the venue.

An argument ensued.

One angry Army officer opened fire on one of the police officers, brutally injuring his leg.

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The police responded and the scene broke down to a war zone.

When senior officers from both ends calmed nerves, the policemen attacked an army officer and beat him blue-back.

The commander of operation Lafiya Dole, Major General Lucky Irabor, had to be called by a top State government official to bring his boys to order.

General Irabor stormed the scene, alongside the State commissioner of police and State director of SSS, and serenity was maintained.

An angry General Irabor berated both parties stating that “What is a bag of rice that will give you the cause to be angry? Bag of rice? It is shameful.

“If the world hears that it is because of bag of that made police and soldiers to be fighting, is it not shameful?

”Let us not behave like children: all of us have children at home. Soldiers and policemen should be seen to be matured in their dispositions at all times.

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“While everyone is clapping for good that we have been doing, let us not also do things that will make them to begin to stone us.

The Bornu State government has since suspended the distribution of rice and Semovita.