[email protected] painting of president sparks violence

A painting depicting the nudity of impeached South Korean president, Park Geun-Hye, has sparked a protest.

Supporters of the deposed president tore the work off the wall and destroyed it.

The ‘piece of art’ was part of an exhibition at the National Assembly featuring works by 22 artists.

The art was drawn so as to highlight the corruption scandal leveled against the ousted president and her confidante, Choi Soon-Sil.

The original painting was drawn by a 19th-century artist, Manet.

The picture showed a naked white woman widely identified as a pr0stitute.

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In the Korean version, Park’s features were superimposed onto a nude Asian woman.

The woman was holding a missile which looked like a [cucumber] and close to her bosom.

The deposed president agreed with the USA to deploy a missile system in South Korea.

This was in response to the threat of missiles from the nuclear-armed North. The gesture infuriated China.

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She is also depicted dozing as the Sewol ferry sinks outside her window.

Two puppies cavort on her thighs and Choi takes the place of the servant.

A group of some 20 Park supporters went on a rampage at the exhibition, South Korea’s Yonhap news agency reported, wrecking the work.

A 63-year-old member of a rightist group was arrested and another was being sought by police, it said.

Pyo Chang-won, the opposition lawmaker who organized the exhibition, has been referred to an ethics panel.

However, he defended the painting.

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“It surely does not suit my taste. But I believe it is within the boundary of the freedom of arts.”

The painter, Lee, is one of nearly 10,000 artists on a “black list” drawn up by the conservative government for voicing criticism of Park.

See the picture below:

N@ked painting of president sparks violence