No white-man was captured in sambisa forest – Army

Yesterday, the internet went abuzz regarding a purported capture of a white man alongside several Boko Haram fighters in the dreaded Sambisa forest.

The Nigerian troops had staged a counteroffensive in the dreaded camp zero of the terror group.

Camp zero is considered Boko Haram’s strongest fortress.

The site was built by the Nigerian Army under General Ibrahim Babangida (retd), for training special guards.

The program was later discontinued.

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Following a crackdown of Boko Haram in Bornu cities, the fleeing militia somehow stumbled on the abandoned military facility.

They converted it to their stronghold and made it like a kind of command center.

Well, the Nigerian Army decided to invade the camp. The [neutralized] hundreds of the insurgents.

A highly spirited presidency praised our gallant troops for storming and taking over the forest.

Days after the capture, news surfaced that a white man was captured along other Boko Haram fighters.

“The man is under custody and providing positive information”, a soldier said.

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“Hundreds of Boko Haram captives, including men, women, and children have been freed and taken to safety.

“All I can tell you is that no big Boko Haram commander is alive in the Sambisa; we are in control of the forest.

“It took months of planning and mapping because of the size, difficult weather and other factors in the Sambisa Forest.

However, another military source told this news house that no white man was arrested in Sambisa.

“I was part of the 151 Battalion that advanced to camp zero through the Banki axis.

“It was indeed a tough fight as the terror group put up a strong resistance.

“After we took over the place, we conducted a search and rescue. We rescued many children and women.

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“Some Boko Haram fighters were captured alive. But the news of a white man being among the captives is false.

“If any white man was captured there, we all would have seen him.

“Why was the news of the purported capture delayed until many days after the Sambisa fell?

Forget that story, our Ogas might want to use this to secure popularity.

“We understand it, though,” the source said.

Vanguard Nigeria is yet to independently verify the story as calls to Army Spokesman, Col. Sani did not go through.