O.M.G! Katy Bloom may not like Orlando Perry’s action

Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry are currently holidaying in Italy.

Their love life has been as swift as a wind.

Although it feels in a certain way like the two have been together forever.

Yesterday, the love birds enjoyed a spot of paddle boarding in the sea.

While Katy donned a geometric bikini, Bloom went for the natures.

Recall that Orlando and Katy began their romance just this year.

They both chanced upon each other at the Golden Globe Awards in January.

From that point on, their relationship was son full throttle.

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They appeared at group dinner with Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman after their Golden Globe bump.

A week later, Perry was photographed on a yacht with Bloom in Cannes, and the Gomez drama was swiftly forgotten.

In Italy, Orlando went entirely naked while donning a baseball cap and pair of designer sunglasses.

Orlando’s naked photos hit the internet and sent his fans on a search for more like it.

After the naked shots of Orlando were published one fan tweeted: “Take that #Beliebers #OrlandoBloom wore it better.”

Orlando like being naked. He told a news reporter that “It is what it is. Its flesh and bone. It’s what we all are.”

He has also stripped off on screen, appearing in a full-frontal nude scene in 2013 movie Zulu.

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Orlando and Katy started dating in February (16) after meeting at the Golden Globe Awards.

But the singer doesn’t share her boyfriend’s love of being naked.

During an interview some years back, Katy had said: “Like females in pop – everybody’s getting naked.

“I mean, I’ve been naked before.

“But I don’t feel like I have to always get naked to be noticed.

“But it’s interesting to see… I’m not talking about anyone in particular.

“I’m talking about all of them.

“I mean, it’s, like, everybody’s so naked. It’s, like, put it away,” Katy said.