Obama appoints bishop to help Buhari fight corruption in Nigeria

President Barack Obama has appointed a bishop from Southern Nigeria as a member of its anticorruption fight in Nigeria.

Political observers see the move as a political after thought aimed at defraying perceived islamization sentiments in southern Nigeria.

President Obama had sent US secretary of state, John Kerry, for a State visit. Kerry went first to the Sultan of Sokoto.

He then met with Emirs and government dignitaries in the North. He finally met with president Buhari and left the country.

As if that wasn’t enough, the US state department invited all 19 northern governors to a meeting in Washington DC.

Their southern counterparts cried foul. The Christian Association of Nigeria(CAN) and the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) accused President Obama of an islamization agenda.

Well, few days after Northern Governors returned from USA, Obama approvef the appointment of Bishop Emmah Isong, as a member of its US Embassy Anti-Corruption Committee in Nigeria.

Bishop Emmah Isong is PFN’s vice president in the south-south region. He is the founder of Christians Central Chapel International in Calabar.

Bishop Issong accepted the appointment.

According to the Nigerian cleric, the appointment may have come to him following his stout stance against corruption in the country.

He said as member of the US embassy anti-corruption committee his job would be to draw up modalities and advise the US government on ways to complement President Buhari’s efforts against corruption.

On his involvement in the anti-corruption war, the Bishop said, “I decided to wade into the fight against corruption because it has become endemic in my country, Africa and the world over.

If we do not hit hard, it may destroy the next generation. So our intention is to protect posterity by fighting corruption.

Corruption has no religion, colour, age and tribe. However, we must not use it as a political vendetta.

The purpose of the fight should be to enhance economic development.”