Ogbonnaya Onu defends Fulani Herdsmen

The current minister of Science and Technology, Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu, has condemned demands by certain groups and from the South-South and South East geopolitical extraction asking Fulani Herdsmen to leave the region.

Addressing newsmen in the aftermath of a high level meeting of All Progressives Congress (APC) South-East stakeholders, Dr. Ogbonna Onu said “This situation is not pleasing to anybody but the Federal Government is desirous to achieve a peaceful, strong and united nation. The government appeals to south-easterners especially youths, not to take laws into their hands as a result of the development.

“The people should exercise patience, as the president has categorically condemned the herdsmen’s actions and directed that no effort should be spared in checking the situation. The Igbos are known globally to be peace loving and abhorrers of violence, as I enjoin them to maintain such virtue.
Asked why the meeting was held, Dr. Ogbonnaya said, “We discussed the disputed issue of state chairmanship of the party, as it will be resolved very soon. The president made promises to the nation; to ensure adequate security for the citizens, rapidly develop the economy, check unemployment, and ensure the observance of the rule of law, among others.

“The budget estimate reflected all these promises but what was returned to the president did not conform to his intentions. He then demonstrated his resolve to ensure that things are done correctly, as continuing with the old ways of doing things has visible and dire effects.”

Dr. Ogbonnaya’s stance mirrors a statement released by the Sultan of Sokoto. According to the Sultan, “It is indeed absurd and most unfortunate that certain groups or people ascribe the incidence on ethnic and/or religious premise and to whimsically apportion blame in order to batter the gradual restoration of peace and security in Nigeria. Well, the Commissioner of Police, Enugu State has debunked the rumors, likewise the Inspector General of Police has also debunked the insinuations over those being blamed.

“We must thus be cautious of packaging crimes on religious and ethnic garments. Crimes are abominable and whoever commits them is criminal. Security agencies should brace up in being proactive and utilize maximally intelligence reports in order to nip-in the board possible eruptions of security problems within and around communities.”