OPINION: Nobody can force president Buhari to speak?

It’s only in black Nigeria that this kind of silly primordially despotic statement can be unapologetically made.

A dangerous rumor is being made about president Buhari and humans are saying it’s not important for such a president to speak out to his countrymen from wherever hideout he is.

Rumors go viral when there’s a huge vacuum in communication.

Even the North Korean leader will immediately come out and physically dispel such rumors.

Why is everything about Nigeria being made to look “Ogbonish”?

This kind vacation you’ll go for and become sequestered in incommunicado is not with usual human norms.

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We make everything mysterious in Africa. It’s not a big deal to speak even from the toilet.

And which president of a modern nation will be going on such an astral journey when his country is in a warlike economic recession.

Which president of a country will be disappearing like that when thousands of his countrymen just got butchered by mysterious aliens?

A serious president owes it as a duty to his countrymen to immediately dispel dangerous rumors catching fire on his head.

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Lest we’re dealing with that President who really do not care.

An untrusted Lai Mohamed cannot pacify such rumors.

If your point of the president not joining issues with the originators of the rumors is valid then his media aides have no business debunking the rumors.

They should’ve kept quiet about the whole stuff and allow till he returns.

It’s only on the president to bury such rumor by just mere physical appearance posturing.

Which nation in our modern world will keep quiet to such dangerous rumors?

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The president is on vacation but not in a hideout.

The only explanation to this muteness from Mr. President is only such deep sleep from astral travels that our dear African Magic channels show us all the time.

My prayer is that the spirit of our president will wholly return to his body in due time.

This way, he can wake up, come back, and tell his countrymen where he was all the period of this rumor.

Amarachi Korie