Pastor ‘convert members to cars’ and drive them

A lot is happening in African churches of today. From very bizarre ‘miracles’ to outright deception of congregants by “Men of God.”

We’re not saying this lightly.

Move over feet massaging, grass-eating, and fuel drinking congregants!

This time around, a pastor at the Messiah International Church of God drives his members at top speed and make then rev up in Toyota Camry fits.

The pastor claims he converts his members into cars then drives them at various speeds.

Pastor Musa Khumalo from Zimbabwe once claimed to have [neutralized] his members and resurrected them again.

The pastor claims to transfigure his members into their dream cars so that the car will appear by faith.

The pastor mentions the names of cars and members who want to claim the cars delve into a fit.

“If you want to drive your car, you are going to be car first.

“I’m going to drive you now. You are entering the highway.

“We are moving at 60km per hour, now 80km per hour, now 100km per hour!”

Pastor Khumalo increased the speed till it got to 150mk/h!

“I’m calling! Move Toyota Fit, move Toyota Fit! hallelujah, you are anointed,” he said in a high pitch.

“It will take people a long time to understand my miracles, but the Lord gave me power to declare anything and it happens.

“In Matthew 2, the Bible says great things will happen and am fulfilling the word of God”.

Most of these “END TIME” pastors are deviating from God’s real messages.

The real problem is that African Pastors copied from Western pastors and mixed black magic with it.

Their sole aim is to preserve their feeding bottles.

How can any sane person explain the conversion of people into cars by faith and then drive them at different speeds by faith?

This is madness!