Pay our salaries or we will take it from motorists – FRSC

Some officials of the Federal Road Safety Corps, FRSC, have threatened to obtain bribes from motorists like policemen does.

The FRSC officials are complaining that they are yet to be paid their November salaries and allowances.

The officials said the Federal Government had refused to offer any explanation for the non-payment.

They said this was unfortunate because they had been asked to work during the holidays as part of the ‘ember months’ campaign.

One FRSC official said, “The government is being very unfair to us.

“Christmas is next Sunday and many of us who are male officials have been asked to remain on the roads to ensure that the roads are safe.

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“How can the agency ask me to spend Christmas on the road and at the same time deprive me of my salary?

“They should not turn corps officials into policemen because that is what will happen if we are not paid.”

Another female FRSC official said, “Everyone knows that the prices of goods increase during Christmas and that is why most people try to do their shopping early December.

“It is bad enough that we are witnessing a recession but the government should not worsen our condition by withholding our pay.

“What will I feed my children this Christmas? Where will I get the money to take them out to have fun?

“They cannot tell us not to extort money from motorists and at the same time deprive us of our salaries. It is unfair.”

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When contacted on the telephone, the FRSC’s Head of Media Relations and Strategy, Mr. Bisi Kazeem, told our correspondent that the salary issue was not their fault.

Kazeem said, “The salary issue is from IPPIS and not from us; so, I suggest you get in touch with the Office of the Accountant-General of the Federation.

“The salary issue is being sorted out and anyone who takes bribes knows the implications. Anyone who is caught collecting bribes will be dismissed.”