Peter Obi to contest for 2019 presidential elections

Former Governor Peter Obi stays on the Right Side of the Law, and he also expects all others to do the same.

That is the reason he is so negative toward the many illegalities in the way and manner in which government is run in Nigeria.

Peter Obi stands with the Nigerian people. At least his latest speech tells us so.

He has called for sincerity from our leaders. He sincerely wants to rebuild this nation back up to the greatness it once did own.

At an event, The Platform, organized by Covenant Christian Center, Peter Obi said Nigeria has enough money to develop itself.

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Peter Obi, who spoke on the topic: Cutting cost in governance, said he saved over N75 billion naira when he served as Governor of Anambra state.

According to him, the spending habit of most governors causes poverty. He then went on enumerate on cost cutting measures.

“There is nothing wrong with borrowing.

“The crisis we are facing is that we do not know what we are using the money we are borrowing for.

“Nigeria can make good use of the money if the leaders reduce spending.

“Do away with unconstitutional office of the First Lady. Reduce Governor’s cars to 2, instead of 6 bullet-proof cars.

“Reduce government house jeeps instead of 25 jeeps.”

Obi said he later cut down the expenses, because he found out that over 30 people who had nothing to do in Abuja were going with him.

“When Ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo wanted to come to Anambra state, they were supposed to use N500m to construct a presidential lodge.

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“I asked the President to sleep in my house through-out his stay,” he said.

“Nigeria can still function on its income if only we learn how to cut cost.

“We need to cut the cost of governance. No governor needs a house in Abuja; governors don’t live in Abuja.

“Government house is not a restaurant, I told my cook to cook for only one person.”

He also slammed religious leaders for not speaking up against corruption, especially when they know the person has not viable source of income.

Following his revelations, Nigerians from all works of life are calling for Peter Obi to run for presidency come 2019.