What if that plagiarized speech had ended with “God Bless America?”

Nigerians are yet to come to terms with President Buhari’s infamous plagiarized speech. Governor Fayose seem to be one of those shouting the most.

Granted, the president does not write his speeches. Someone does it.

This news house had revealed that a nephew to President Buhari, Mamman Daura, actually wrote that speech.

Governor Fayose’s media, Lere Olayinka has described plagiarism on the part of President Buhari has a total shame to the country.

“One day, President Buhari will just sign his resignation letter without reading the content.

“No President has ever brought this kind of International shame on Nigeria and its people.

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“Stealing someone’s intellectual property is a bigger form of corruption than stealing public fund.

“Next time you want to write speech for @MBuhari, write it in CARTOON form, he will detect if it is plagiarized instantly” he said.

According to Lere, “It appears some of us were not in this country when President Buhari called APC (All Progressives CONFIDENCE.

“He also called INEC (Independence NIGERIAN Electoral Commission), Imo state (IBO State) and Osinbajo (OSUNBADE).

“Even as President, he called GERMANY, West Germany and referred to Deutsche Mark as the currency being used in Germany.

“When he presented the corrected version of the 2016 Budget to the NASS, it was said in the letter written to the National Assembly that he presented the 2016 Budget on December 22, 2016!

“Also, in the President’s letter submitting names of Ministerial Nominees to NASS, Ministerial was written as MINISTERAIL.

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“All these were pointed out then, but those who believed that President Buhari was their god that must not be questioned dismissed it.

“When his secondary school certificate was demanded, many Nigerians gladly said even if he presented NEPA BILL, no problem.

“So what is plagiarism to all the above embarrassments from Buhari, both as APC candidate and as President of Nigeria?

“My concern is that President Buhari should not sign away Nigeria one day and cede the country to Ghana,” Lere said.