Police arrests 20 policemen for taking bribes

The Inspector General of police had some weeks ago reshuffled his cabinet.

He sacked some senior police officers and redeployed others to man different units.

Mr. Francis Odesanya was posted to Rivers State as the new commissioner of police.

On assumption of officers, he quickly abolished all road blocks in Rivers State.

According to Odesanya, “We do not have road blocks in Rivers State.

“But Section 27 of the Police Act gives us the power to stop and search any time and at any point.

“We have arrested over 20 policemen already arrested for bribery.

“They are going to be thoroughly sanctioned.

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“I know that my predecessor had been doing the same.

“The IG has a monitoring team that moves round.

“The AIG has a monitoring team.

“We are doing our best to put an end to all these.

“My plea is this, it takes two to tango. Please, don’t give police money.

“This is an era of social media.

“There is a response unit with the police that you can easily access with your phone if the man is demanding for money.

“They will definitely come to your aid.

“Let us cooperate with ourselves.”

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Mr. Odesanya further stated that political crisis and unresolved violent crimes are two major problems facing Rivers State policing.

“In every society, some level of crimes exist.

“No doubt, the state is infested with political crisis.

“But under my watch, we shall remain apolitical in the discharge of our constitutional responsibilities.

“All the political parties in the state will be given a level playing field in terms of security of lives and property.

“I shall remain balanced in my judgment.”

“It has come to my notice that illegal arms are in many places across the state.

“We will work towards mopping them up.

“Armed robbery, kidnapping and other crimes are energized by cultist.

“We shall fight cultism to the end in the state,” he added.

Odesanya promised to build on the achievements of his predecessors and promises to that criminals will be chased out of the state.