How this popular Catholic priest married two wives

Roman Catholic doctrine forbids priests to marry.

Not only that, married men are not sworn in as priests.

Priests swear an oath of celibacy.

They are to observe perfect and perpetual service for the sake of the kingdom of heaven.

However, parishioners at Queen of Apostles Catholic Church, Kakuri parish, Kaduna State, were shocked that their priest was indeed married.

In fact, he had two wives; one is late, the other is pregnant for him!

The act is considered an abomination and grave sin against the Catholic doctrine.

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The parish priest, Very Reverend Father Peter Zuni, 54, was immediately disrobed and sacked from the priesthood.

The Archdiocese allegedly organized a quiet sendoff party for him in a remote village in Jaba LGA of Kaduna State.

“During the sendoff, the priest was not allowed to make a farewell speech.

“Many people refused to take photographs with him.

“There was little or no felicitation with him,” one parishioner reported.

When the priest was contacted, he only said “I find it difficult myself to believe what people are saying about me.

“I will not comment on it now.

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“I will follow due process to invite you for an interview.”

When the Archbishop of Kaduna Catholic Diocese, Bishop Ndagoso Manoso, was conacted, he affirmed the story to be true.

“It is very unfortunate that this thing had to happen in my diocese.

“It is not an easy thing for me.

“Father Zuni was my classmate; we spent seven years in the seminary.

“At a time he proceeded to Kaduna Polytechnic and read Accounting.

“But this thing happened and nobody knew. But he has to face the sanction.

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“We sacked and disrobed him because what he did is no longer compatible with his vocation as a priest.

“He was about to be transferred on normal routine.

“But when I heard this story, I had to cancel the transfer and sacked him.

“It is true that he had affairs with two women and they both had children for him.

“By December he will be 30 years in the priesthood.

“He is now 54 years old and at this age what can he do with his life?

“Nobody can employ him now.