We are praying for hypocritical Buhari — Niger Delta Avengers

Niger Delta avengers just upped their ante in their struggle for Niger Delta People.

Up until today, the group had only pledged to “Zero the Nigerian Economy.”

The group seem to be irked by the war of words going between MEND and IPOB.

IPOB have severally supported Avengers.

The group however shocked political circles when it said they would be declaring an independent State of Niger Delta come October first 2016.

In a statement signed by its spokesperson, Brigadier General Mudoch Agenibo, the group said, “The Buhari Led government has failed Nigerians with their misdirected policies.

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“Buhari’s policies has divided the country.

“As such nobody wants to be part of that failed state — not even the Niger Delta.

“We will be declaring an Independent State on October 1st.

“The declaration of independence is still sacrosanct.

“If the Nigerian government fails to retrace it’s step by restructuring this country.

We want to warn the general public that those using NDA to defraud people days of reckoning is close.

The group also prayed for President saying “Our prayer for Buhari and the Northern hypocrite (Northern Governors) is that oil should be found in commercial quantity in the North.

“This way, they can let the Niger Delta go,” the group said.

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Just yesterday, it was confirmed that the Buhari led administration was probing Jonathan for alleged ties with Avengers.

A top government source said most oil installations bombed by Avengers were mined by some militants during GEJ’s presidency.

“The mining was meant to be a Plan B should they be removed from Aso Rock.

“The plan then was to cause confusion if the 2015 presidential election did not go as expected.

The source it came a shock to executioners of the plan “When the former president conceded defeat to President Buhari.

“But by February this year, the plan was reopened as several of the backers were getting investigated on different corruption cases.

“It was at that point that the bombing activities under the banner of the Niger Delta Avengers started.

The Former President have denied any links or ties with Niger Delta Avengers.