President Buhari captures Boko Haram’s deputy

President Buhari’s led terror war against insurgency scores another plus as it nets a major kingpin of Boko Haram. President Buhari had ordered security agencies in the nation to tame the group by all means. Following that directive, members of Nigerian army arrested one of the arrow heads of the Boko Haram insurgency yesterday. Until his capture, Khalid Albarnawi was a direct deputy and second in command to Abubakar Shekau. A spokesperson in Nigerian Army, Brigadier General Rabe Abubakar confirmed the arrest yesterday. He credited Albarnawi’s arrest to effective cooperative efforts among various arms of the Nigerian’s security apparatchik.

According to General Abubakar, this latest arrest proves the Nigerian army is closing in on Boko Haram. “I can confirm that he (Albarnawi) is in custody. It is a product of the existing synergy among the security agencies which led to this breakthrough in the war on terror. Nigerians should assist the security agencies with relevant information and intelligence, I can say that the days of Boko Haram are numbered. Albarnawi was arrested by operatives of the Department of State Services in Lokoja and moved to Abuja on Friday.

“We have just confirmed that he has been nabbed and he is with the relevant agencies and as time goes, people would know how this kind of person was nabbed and it is due to the synergy existing among the security agencies. He has been arrested and he is with the relevant agencies and he is cooperating with giving information. He is the second-in-command as far as the Boko Haram hierarchy is concerned. So their days are numbered by the grace of God.”

It is believed that Albarnawi was trained as an insurgent in Algeria. Albarnawi led an assault on an Anti-Robbery squad in Novemeber 2012. In the milieu that followed, several Boko Haram operatives were released. Shakau later appeared on YouTube praising Albarnawa and the brazing attack. Albarnawi and his men also attacked a convoy of Mali-bound Nigerian soldiers numbering 180 from the Second Mechanized Division, Ibadan.

Following Boko Haram’s violent attacks, the United States Department of State listed Abubakar Shekau and Khalid al-Barnawi as ‘Specially Designated Global Terrorists.’