President Buhari commiserates with Brussels; keeps quiet on Agatu

President Muhammadu Buhari quickly issued a statement following the terrorists attack on the Zaventem Airport and Maalbeek Metro Station in Brussels earlier today. He joined leaders across Europe and the rest of the world in condemning the “atrocious terrorist attacks.” According to Buhari’s spokesperson, Buhari said “Attack on Brussels reinforces need for greater international cooperation against terrorism.”

“President commiserates with Prime Minister Charles Michel and Belgians over the loss of over 30 lives in the attacks. The President assures Prime Minister Michel and the people of Belgium that having suffered the horror and anguish of incessant terrorist attacks over several years, Nigeria stands in full solidarity with them on this day of national pain and trauma.

President Buhari believes that the appalling attack on Brussels reinforces the need for greater international cooperation to effectively confront and destroy global terrorism and its perpetrators. The President assures the global community that under his leadership, Nigeria will continue to work with other countries of the world to ensure that terrorism never triumphs over free, peaceful and law-abiding nations and people of the world.

Buhari has however failed to expressly and quickly react to Agatu massacre. Fulani marauders have in their wake destroyed Agatu and communities surrounding it. One angry social critic lambasted the APC led government “for failing to commiserate with his fellow countrymen. Why should his response be prompt? He is yet to make any categorical statement relating to the ongoing pogrom in Agatu,” he said.