President Buhari expresses a grave regret

President Buhari is yet to galvanize a solid economic blueprint that will take Nigeria out of the current economic recession.

He has however expressed optimism that the current economic recession will end in 2017.

The President made the statement while declaring open an induction course Career Ambassadors-designate.

“We are optimistic that the external factors that partly contributed to pushing our economy into recession will ebb in 2017.

“Until then, I regret that the resources available to fund our missions abroad will not be as robust as we would like.

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“We are working hard to turn around our national economy.

“We will do this by effectively reforming our macroeconomic environment through measures outlined in the 2017 budget.

“I want to emphasize your duty to change the narrative of Nigeria as seen by the outside world.

“For far too long, we have allowed Nigeria to be defined by others, always emphasizing our negatives.

“To the average foreigner, Nigeria evokes 419, terrorism, militancy, communal and religious clashes,” he said.

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The President continued: “You have the duty to correct this narrative.

“You have to take the initiative to define and portray our country for what it truly is.

“We are a nation of 180 million vibrant, enterprising, hardworking, hospitable and peaceful people.

“We are a remarkable nation that has harnessed our multiple diversities such that we are the leading country on the continent.

“Therefore, you will need to mobilize, sensitize and motivate all your staff.

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President Buhari also enjoined them to leverage on the achievements of Nigerians within the country and in diaspora.

He stressed that “As Nigerian Ambassadors, you must set the standard of putting Nigeria first in all your actions.

“You must show leadership, fairness, and justice to all.

“Discipline, probity, accountability and zero tolerance for corruption must be your watchwords.

“You are expected to project the best image and traditions of our country in your conduct and all you do.”