President Buhari has just been schooled by MEND

MEND has issued a two week ultimatum to Buhari to immediately commence peace talks through their “Aaron Team.”

That team, according to MEND, must include High Chief Tompolo, without which bombing of oil facilities will be ratcheted.

In a statement released by Gbomo Jomo, MEND stated that “Government is at liberty to negotiate with arm-twisting unions and criminal groups like the NDA.

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“It can do so, so long as such negotiations are done in the national interest.

“MEND support’s government’s plan to negotiate with the unruly NDA through the office of the National Security Adviser.

“FG must not delude itself into thinking that negotiation with NDA was tied to resolving Niger Delta question.

“Negotiation with NDA is merely a temporary respite.

“Other opportunistic groups are lurking in the shadows, but dialogue and resolution of the Niger Delta question will be a sustainable solution for all stakeholders.

“We have repeatedly reiterated that the Niger Delta struggle is beyond attacks on oil installations.

“In fact, destruction of oil and gas pipelines is an elementary course in guerilla warfare, which can be carried out by any militant group,” the statement read.

Meanwhile, all seem not be going down well among various factions of the militant groups in the region.

MEND have described Avengers as “Criminal elements and criminal gangs” who sabotage national assets.

MEND stated that Avengers is just like pressure groups such as PENGASSAN, NUPENG or the National Association of Resident Doctors.

According to MEND, “The only difference is that NDA ups the ante with its senseless and unprovoked attacks on oil installations.”

MEND cautioned Buhari’s government on negotiating with the Amayanabo (King) of Twon-Brass in Brass LGA of Bayelsa State, Alfred Diette-Spiff.

“Throughout Goodluck Jonathan six-year tragic reign, King Diette-Spiff and other elders, including Chief Edwin Clark, embarrassingly kept mute.

“GEJ’s six years reign was a colossal waste, laden with unmitigated corruption, monumental fraud in the unsustainable amnesty program.

“Environmental decay, neglect, infrastructural stagnation such as the wicked and criminal abandonment of the East-West Road project, among others was rife.

Codex News however believes, that Tompolo is behind all militant groups in Niger Delta including MEND & Avengers.

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