President Buhari orders the release of Dasuki Sambo

There are indications that President Buhari, who has serially flouted Nigerian court orders, has bowed to ECOWAS’ court order regarding the continued detention of former NSA, Dasuki Sambo.

Retired Colonel Dasuki Sambo has been in detention on President Buhari’s orders for over a year and counting.

Indications emerged last night that the President has forgiven Dasuki with a caveat.

One of Buhari’s top aide disclosed that the President had already given instructions to relevant organs handling Dasuki’s corruption case to release him.

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“I can tell you that the President is no longer comfortable with the continued detention of the former NSA.

“This is irrespective of the the offences he allegedly committed against Nigeria and its people.

“The only condition Mr. President has asked Dasuki to fulfil is to refund the huge sum of public funds which he diverted under his watch as the NSA.

“And I want to tell you that we have the approval of Mr. President to release Dasuki from detention as soon as he brings the money.

“Mr. President even asked us why the former NSA was still being kept in detention.

“We told him that the three cases he had in court were responsible for his continued incarceration.

“He then said we have to take necessary steps to recover the money Dasuki mismanaged and allow him to return to his house.

“As you may or may not know, we are under oath to prevent the committing of heinous crimes, including looting of public funds.

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“And let it be known to all Nigerians that we have no fear of anyone over what we did because it was done in the national interest.

Recall that Sambo is being charged with many offences, one of which is an alleged diversion of $2.1 billion.

Following ECOWAS’ ruling last week, the Federal Government lumped all charges leveled against Dasuki into one.

The move will shorten Dasuki’s prolonged trial.